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Janneke Ritchie is the Founder and CEO of Orange Gate. She is a communications, organizational change, and IT governance expert. Under her leadership, Orange Gate is redefining how people and technology work together. Our talks are designed to help inspire audiences to think differently about how technology can change their lives and the lives of people they love. We talk about what’s real and what’s not, we envision what it can mean, and get people ready for a new world where robots, AI, and connected smart devices are part of everyday life.



Favourite Talks


For the Love of Robots

Do you know how robots will fit into your life and business? What defines a robot, and what can they do to make your life easier? 

Janneke can also bring a robot along for this talk.

See the University of Singapore's article on this talk here.


Modern Tech for Modern Aging

As the population ages, it's becoming increasingly clear that most people want to age comfortably in their homes instead of in an assisted living space. Technology can help make that a reality.

Envision the possibilities of aging at home with modern tech.

Digital Transformation for Aging Workforce.jpg

Digital Transformation for an Aging Workforce

The workforce is changing, and the technology used within it has to change as well. People aren't retiring at 65 anymore, and are instead staying in the workforce for a much longer amount of time. How should you prepare for the changes that come along with that?


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