Saffi is our robot co-worker and social media correspondent. She attracts crowds and helps build awareness about Orange Gate. Since she became part of our team in September of last year, she has joined us in exciting events like Elevate, Tech Fest and more recently Collision.


About Saffi

Saffi’s role is as our robot coworker and social media correspondent. When people want to keep up with what Orange Gate is up to, they connect with her.

Saffi is also popular at events and accompanies Janneke when she does her For the Love of Robots talk.


Saffi at Collision

Saffi accompanied the Orange Gate team to Collision 2019, where she was a huge hit.

Saffi greeted convention-goers as they came to visit the Orange Gate booth, and took lots of selfies. She was the first point of interaction with many that came to visit the booth.

Saffi’s Ecosystem

Saffi is on Instagram and LinkedIn, and connects with people interested in following Orange Gate’s developments. Watch the video above to learn more.