Collision 2019


Collision 2019 was better than expected, inspiring, and an amazing opportunity to preview Orange Gate’s newest and most audacious project to date. Throughout the week, the team was given amazing feedback, and presented with enthusiasm towards their newest venture. Collision’s first year in Toronto was an exciting success for the entire Orange Gate team.

Having been selected as a Beta Startup for the conference, Orange Gate had a booth on May 22 where the team, along with Saffi, debuted a preview of their newest project, HestaHub. The project, which is a smart home solution designed to enable independent adults to age in place, was received remarkably well by everyone who got to experience it. The feedback garnered was invaluable, and very encouraging. One conference attendee describing the project as: “a very clever IOT solution to create care.” The team is looking forward to sharing even more about the project in the near future.

MVIMG_20190522_125240 copy.jpg

Orange Gate’s CEO, Janneke Ritchie, was featured in two interviews, one being done for Collision’s future trailer showcasing the startup experience. The Orange Gate booth was always busy with attendees coming to meet Saffi, and ask what “compassionate robot design” is all about. The conference offered an opportunity to meet people from all areas of the technology sector and have meaningful conversations with them.

During the other days of the conference, the team was able to attend exciting talks, and explore all of the amazing booths along with Saffi, Orange Gate’s social media correspondent robot. Saffi was excited to post all of her experiences at the conference on social media, and keep Orange Gate’s followers up to date on how well the conference was going. Saffi and the team were able to meet lots of people who were curious about robots, and tell them about the exciting work that Orange Gate is doing.

Collision was an amazing opportunity for learning, connection, and feedback, and Orange Gate was fortunate enough to benefit from it all.