Moxi at Texas Health Dallas

Nurses spend up to thirty percent of their shift fetching and delivering items for patients. By taking over delivery and logistical tasks, Moxi makes it so that their time is freed up to care for the patients themselves, a job that is becoming increasingly important as baby boomers age and need additional care.

While Moxi may seem to be another robot in a long line of autonomous mobile units used in healthcare, it stands out for its social intelligence. Moxi is able to aide nurses by taking over their distracting grunt work without making humans feel uncomfortable. The engineers behind Moxi specifically designed the robot to allow for the feeling of an immediate connection, giving it a face and eyes that’s hard not to love – especially when that face is the one making your and your patient’s lives easier!

Industry: Healthcare

Country: United States

Manufacturer: Diligent Robots

Function: Delivery, Logistical Tasks, Autonomous Navigation