Milo helps children with Autism

Small but mighty

Milo is designed to have the allure of a video game, the patience of a mother, and the knowledge of a teacher. RoboKind’s Robots4Autism program is revolutionizing education by using Milo, a table-top robot, to help children with autism spectrum disorder. Milo enables his students learn to tune in on emotions, express empathy, and self-motivate.

Milo makes for an approachable teacher that will never get frustrated with his students. Robokind has found that students will engage with Milo for 52.5 minutes in an hour vs. only 1.5 minutes with a human. Kudos to the team at Robokind. While we saw Milo at CES2019, you can click here to see Milo on YouTube.

Industry:  Education

Country:   USA

Manufacturer:  Robokind Advanced Social Robotics

Functions:  Teach social behaviours and emotional identification