RADA at New Delhi Airport

Image: Tata / Vistara Airlines

Image: Tata / Vistara Airlines

Customer Service with a Smile

In an effort to improve the traveler experience at New Delhi airport, Vistara Airlines has teamed with Tata Innovation Lab to introduce RADA- a new robot customer service representative. Since July 5th, 2018, travelers at the Vistara Signature Lounge have been interacting with RADA for assistance ranging from scanning boarding passes to getting directions around the airport, flight status and weather conditions (as well as obtain information about Vistara products and services).

 RADA can keep travelers of all ages entertained through games, songs and videos. RADA will expand its capabilities as developers receive customer feedback. According to the Tata company release, RADA also represents a true “Made in India” story, which is made completely of local components. The goal is to offer an “enhanced customer experience” by handling routine tasks while freeing talented employees to fulfill their true potential.


Industry:  Transportation

Country:   India

Manufacturer:  Tata Innovation Lab

Functions:  Customer Service, Entertainment