Collision 2019

Collision 2019 was better than expected, inspiring, and an amazing opportunity to preview Orange Gate’s newest and most audacious project to date. Throughout the week, the team was given amazing feedback, and presented with enthusiasm towards their newest venture. Collision’s first year in Toronto was an exciting success for the entire Orange Gate team.

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The Hollywood Effect

I was speaking at the National University of Singapore last month and smiled at the familiar question: When do you think we will have robots in our homes? I smile because I'm thinking robots are already in our homes. I also smile because I think it highlights the difference between our expectations and the reality of robots. 

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How I Became a Robot Momma

Why Robots? I’m asked this all the time. Mostly by people who have known me a while, know my background in helping organizations adopt new technologies. Or it's someone who hasn’t spoken with me for a bit and knows I'm not really a “techie.” How did I become a robot momma of four and counting?  

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