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Empowering adults aging at home.

HestaHub is a robot ecosystem designed to leverage connected smart home devices to empower adults aging at home.

It takes all of your smart devices and unifies them under one voice using WhatsApp so you can stay connected to your family and support network.

With the help of HestaHub, your home can be part of your family.


Our Social Media Correspondent

Saffi is our robot co-worker and social media correspondent.

She attracts crowds and helps build awareness about Orange Gate.

Since she became part of our team, on September last year, she joined us in exciting events like Elevate, Tech Fest and more recently Collision.


Supporting Tech Talent Recruitment

In September 2018 we showcased Elly, talent recruitment robot co-worker, supporting the Bank of Montreal’s talent recruitment at Elevate Tech Fest in Toronto.

Designed to engage young talent, showcase corporate culture and feature tech jobs, Elly enabled more than 200 candidates on BMO’s proprietary HR platform.