Recent Projects

Our projects are about enhancing people’s experience with modern technology. We’ve done projects to create robot ecosystems and ones exploring how modern technology can enhance modern aging. Our goal is to make the small problems of aging easier, and earn our way to solving the bigger problems.

HestaHub: Making your home a part of your family.

HestaHub is Orange Gate’s most exciting project to date. This project is a robot ecosystem designed to leverage connected smart home devices to empower adults aging at home.

Our vision for HestaHub is to unify select smart home devices to support aging in place under one voice. HestaHub can then stay connected to you and your family through a single channel. With the help of HestaHub, your home can be part of your family.


Talent Recruitment Robots

In September 2018 we showcased Elly, talent recruitment robot co-worker, supporting the Bank of Montreal’s talent recruitment at Elevate Tech Fest in Toronto.

In another hand, Juno is Orange Gate’s Talent Scout. She frequently attends speaker events and career fairs. At any event she attracts a crowd. Interested candidates can instantly connect with her on LinkedIn and apply for job openings on the spot.

Saffi: How robots can improve your social media strategy.

Saffi, Greek for “wisdom,” is Orange Gate’s official Social Media Correspondent. She helps us make new connections at networking functions and gain followers online.

She attends many of Toronto’s hottest events, and she stands out in a crowd with her signature bling. Since she became part of our team, on September last year, she joined us in exciting events like Elevate, Tech Fest and more recently Collision.


In Development: Modern Tech for Modern Aging.

The Age Place is part of a research project that Orange Gate is currently working on within the area of modern tech for modern aging. It serves as an exploration of the problems that the aging population faces, and how tech can be an instrumental part of the solution.

The Age Place is designed to be a hub for information catered to the 50+ audience, talking about things that matter in tech as it relates to aging with dignity and joy.

Want to be part of our research?