Who We Are

Experts in technology adoption including process visualizations, OCM consulting and executive communications.

Orange Gate is a design and development studio redefining how people and technology work together. Robots are coming and we can help. We now specialize in creating intelligent, elegant and compassionate robot interactions in a business setting. By applying our decades of experience in business, technology & design, we develop customized solutions that drive technology adoption and provide extraordinary value for businesses looking to adopt robots and AI.

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Our Philosophy

For centuries, innovators have created technologies for the sake of human advancement. We are breaking this cycle. Instead of training humans how to use technology, we train technology how to understand humans. Robots are still a fairly new technology and to ease this transition, we consider how robots can elevate people in the workplace, not replace them.

Our interdisciplinary approach to design and development is what sets us apart from the rest. In our agile environment, we believe in being curious instead of right. Innovation is what wakes us up every day; it’s our responsibility to embrace new ways of working and improving what we do to create enriching experiences for customers and employees working with robots.

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Janneke Ritchie

Janneke Ritchie is Founder and CEO of Orange Gate. She is a communications, organizational change, and IT governance expert. Under her leadership, Orange Gate is redefining how people and technology interact in the workplace. 

With more than twenty years of demonstrated experience across financial services, energy, and non-profit sectors, Janneke is renowned for bringing creativity, collaboration skills, and a forward-thinking approach to digital transformation.  

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Our Company Name

Orange Gate Consulting was inspired in 2005 by an installation in Central Park, New York, comprised of 7,503, sixteen-foot-high, hand-sewn “gates” along 37 kilometres of the park’s walkways, as shown in this photo. Shaped and reshaped in infinite variety by the wind and light, the orange-coloured gates transformed the once immutable landscape with a dreamlike energy.

According to our founder, Janneke Ritchie, “The installation showed that good design is experiential, and that ambition and ability are fruitless without collaboration. The gates reflect our polygonal, interdisciplinary approach—we are engineers, journalists, artists, and programmers. Today, the polygonal gates continue to inform and inspire our human-centric approach to technology adoption.”