Orange Gate's projects have spanned robot ecosystems and modern tech for modern aging. Our goal going forward is to make the small problems of aging easier, and earn our way to solving the bigger problems.

About HestaHub

HestaHub is Orange Gate’s most exciting and ambitious project to date. HestaHub is a robot ecosystem designed to leverage connected smart home devices to empower adults aging at home.

HestaHub’s initial idea was born from Janneke’s concern for her parents, who live in the Netherlands. The idea being that your family and your home can connect with you in a non-invasive way, even from across the world.

With the help of HestaHub, your home can be part of your family.

HestaHub Ecosystem

Our vision for HestaHub is to design connected smart home device ecosystems that support aging in place. HestaHub can then stay connected to you and your family through a single chat channel.

Instead of having multiple apps and voices for every single smart device in your home, HestaHub becomes the voice for all of them, making the entire experience less complicated and more approachable.


Debut at Collision

Having previewed the project at Collision 2019, the team received overwhelmingly positive feedback. One conference attendee described the project as: “a very clever IOT solution to create care.”

The team is very excited to continue working on this project, and is looking forward to sharing even more about it in the near future.