About Orange Gate

We’re a design and development studio redefining how people and technology work together. Robots are coming and we can help. We specialize in creating intelligent, elegant and compassionate robot interactions.


Our Name

Orange Gate Consulting was inspired in 2005 by an installation in Central Park, New York, comprised of 7,503, sixteen-foot-high, hand-sewn “gates” along 37km.

According to our founder, Janneke Ritchie, “The installation showed that good design is experiential, and that ambition and ability are fruitless without collaboration. The gates reflect our polygonal, interdisciplinary approach—we are engineers, journalists, artists, and programmers. Today, the polygonal gates continue to inform and inspire our human-centric approach to technology adoption.”


Our Founder

Janneke Ritchie is Founder and CEO of Orange Gate. She is a communications, organizational change, and IT governance expert. Under her leadership, Orange Gate is redefining how people and technology interact in the workplace.

With more than twenty years of demonstrated experience across financial services, energy, and non-profit sectors, Janneke is renowned for bringing creativity, collaboration skills, and a forward-thinking approach to digital transformation.

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Robot Use Cases


HR Specialist/ Talent Scout

Top talent is hard to find. Robots can help.
- Stand out at career fairs
- Engage with candidates
- Stay connected


Customer Service Rep/ Greeter

First impressions matter. Robots can help.
- Greet clients
- Connect with staff
- Answer FAQs


Events/ Marketing Specialist

Standing out is a challenge. Robots can help.
- Attract attention
- Showcase products and services
- Capture more leads